Wear disposable gloves and apply the four CALLUSPEELING-ULTRA patches onto the calloused areas of the feet.  Apply any remaining solution in the sachet to the patches and dry areas of the feet.

Wrap both foot tight in clingfilm and wait 15 min.

Remove one patch from the firs foot (one patch at a time) and remove the calloused skin using the scraper.

Install the foot file replacement onto the file. File with enough pressure and speed until you see the rolls of calloused skin being removed.  When you are done repeat step 3 for the other foot.

To finish the treatment, use warm water or a hot damp towel to remove the excess solution. 

Dry well and the apply a small quantity of Daily Care. 

Gently massage the entire foot until completely absorbed.

WARNING: CALLUSPEELING-ULTRA  it’s a Medical Device, carefully read instruction and warning written on the package before the use. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin. Stop use immediately if skin irritation occur: if persists see a doctor. In case of diabetes seek advice from a specialist, as foot condition may require a specific treatment. Do not apply to face. Apply to feet only. Do not use on skin together with other medical devices or drugs. Handle patches using gloves. Avoid skin contact outside callused area. Disposable product, do not reuse. Use the product no more frequently than once a week. Carefully disinfect tools after each treatment.