In 25 years of work in my Beauty Center, I never seen such an extraordinary product: Calluspeeling is the most effective, safe, fast, simple and hygienic method to completely eliminate even the strongest callousness, without using blades or drills. Calluspeeling turns a normal pedicure into professional service. I couldn’t work anymore without Calluspeeling!
Isabella G., Zürich


I offer Calluspeeling to all the customers during body or face sessions. While the patches are laying I work and I don't waste any time. Then, during the laying of a mask or a bandage, in just 10 minutes I bring my customer’s foot to shine and beauty, with a really pleasant and relaxing treatment. I eliminated all dead time while notably increasing the turnover of my activity. And all my customers are enthusiast!
Sonia R., Lugano


Calluspeeling it’s more than just a product, it’s a real wellness treatment. The feeling of lightness and softness that it gives to our customers it’s unequalled. And watching the amazement expression painted on their face when, after the treatment, they touch their feet it simply marvelous.
We have introduced Calluspeeling in all Day SPA packages of our hotel.
Erika K., Leukerbad


Pedicure service blocked me in the cabin for 1 hour and the profit was really low. Today, using Calluspeeling during all foot treatments instead of traditional tools I have turned a low profitable treatment into a fast and highly gainful professional service. While patches are laying, I treat cuticles and nails. Then I remove the patches and in just 10 minutes I easily completely peel off ugly callousness and dead hard skin. Effortless and painless.
I do not longer breath unhealthy dust, I do not dirty my cabin. My customers are enthusiasts and they regularly get back asking for Calluspeeling: once they try the Calluspeeling’s marvelous and endless lightness feeling they cannot longer stay without.
Corinne B., Genève


For many years I treated a diabetic patient affected by an abnormal callousness production: thanks to Calluspeeling in just 15 minutes I definitively solved the problem. And I am astonished to see how smooth and soft are the feet after the second treatment: like baby foot. Calluspeeling it’s really a professional product.
Dr. Martha G., Zürich


We regularly offer this new foot beauty treatment to all our customers. It can be made by all our personnel, even trainees, because it’s blade free: it’s easy, fast and absolutely safe. It’s the ideal treatment for beauty salons with many cabins like us. And last but not least it’s inexpensive, therefore highly profitable.
Doris L., Basel